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You will report to the Youth Director.

Youth staff will be accommodated in a double-occupancy cabin which includes bunk beds, closet, desk, TV and bathroom (shower, sink, cabinet, toilet). The cabins also have plugs for charging electronics and reading lights over the beds. The cabin is cleaned once a week by a member of the housekeeping team.

Your uniform (day time and elegant) will be provided to you onboard. It is your responsibility to keep it in presentable condition and to take it with you for future contracts. Youth Staff are required to bring their own shoes (blue for Camp Ocean staff and red for Circle C & Club O2).
Extra duties aside from your standard role can include greeting the families, embarkation events, debarkation duties and various safety trainings and drills.
No, but you will receive time off each day to relax and often extended time on port days to explore the ports of call.
It is very unlikely for anyone to change ships during their contract, but there is always a minimal chance.
We are an activity based program, where all Youth Staff possess a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards their job, while running the activities in a safe and FUN way. Activities include - games, arts & crafts, themed parties, or science & discovery. There is an activity schedule published each cruise so families can see all our exciting offerings.
Yes, we change diapers for children who are in our care.
Team Members are permitted to have beards, mustaches, or goatees if they are short-medium length and well-trimmed neatly to the jawline. Beards, mustaches, and goatees are not allowed to be grown during contract.
All youth staff must complete an Adult, Child, and Infant first aid and CPR course prior to joining the ship. If you are not already certified, please book a class. Courses are valid for two years from completion and must be valid for the entire time onboard. Online courses are not accepted. Your certification must be officially translated to English.