Rockband Musicians

We are the rockstars of the ship. We perform high energy shows that are sure to get everybody up and dancing. Carnival hires individual musicians who come together at rehearsals to rock out. From Country to Pop, Motown to Rock, we play it all!


What We’re Looking For

  • Ability to deliver high-energy performances in a fun, interactive atmosphere
  • Advanced individual and ensemble musicianship
  • Proficiency on your instrument
  • Superb showmanship
  • Familiar with many styles/genres of music
  • Ability to quickly learn large quantities of music
  • 21+ years of age preferred
  • English fluency and understanding of North American culture and humor

Note: Caribbean Soloist, Guitar Soloist, Piano Bar Entertainer, and Rockband positions are the only musical acts cast individually. All other musicians must apply as pre-formed groups and must indicate their group affiliation in each individual group member's application.

Virtual Audition Instructions

your application after carefully reviewing submission requirements for the position. If your application is approved, you will be invited to participate in a virtual audition via our digital audition and interview platform, HireVue.
for your digital interview and set up your HireVue profile using the link included in your audition invitation email.
After completing a brief digital interview at the start of your HireVue virtual audition, get ready to rock. We’re looking for an audition that is as close as possible to an authentic performance. Although you may be performing alone in front of a camera, we absolutely want to see everything you've got. We can’t wait to hear you jam!

What you'll need for a virtual audition

  • Your instrument and all accessories necessary to perform in a live concert environment
  • A computer with a webcam or front-facing camera
  • YouTube, Vimeo, or other online video-sharing account
  • A separate camera or mobile device with video-recording capability (Rockband applicants only).
  • OPTIONAL: an external microphone for audio recording


choose both.

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