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Once on board, security will direct you to the HR Services Office and/or the Learning Resource Center where you will collect your cabin key, complete your initial sign-on paperwork and begin your vessel familiarization training. Upon the completion of these brief trainings your manager or another representative from the Entertainment Department will escort you from the training and continue to assist you as you begin your first day on the job. You will complete a crew wellness health exam and you will receive your official Crew I.D., lanyard and Sail & Sign card. Your Crew I.D. is your access key to enter and exit the ship as well as to access some onboard services. In the first few days it is common to feel confused so if you have questions at any time just ask your fellow team members who will be happy to assist you. Everyone remembers their first day on board and can relate to that experience!
Everything you need is provided, however there are a few discretionary places onboard such as the coffee shop, specialty restaurants, and gift shop which require payment. When you join the ship you will receive a Sail & Sign card which is the only form of payment accepted onboard. You can put cash on your Sail & Sign card or connect a debit/credit card.

The majority of team members will be paired with roommates from the Entertainment Department, but due to manning constraints, you may share with someone from a different department. Roommates will always be of the same gender.

No, pets are not allowed onboard.
It is recommended that you bring at least $250 in cash and, if possible, a major credit card for emergencies or to cover costs until you receive your first pay.
Team Members get paid through their Brightwell Ocean Pay card, which you will receive once onboard. Direct deposit and/or money wiring are available depending on bank country. You may use the card at any institution that accepts major credit cards as well as all onboard ATMs, free of charge.
Contact your onboard Paymaster. If you are off the ship, you can contact Shipboard Payroll.
All United States Citizens will have federal taxes, but not state taxes, removed from their paycheck while at sea. All other nationalities are responsible to pay their taxes in accordance to their countries' tax laws, however will not have taxes removed from their paycheck.
Your accommodations and food are provided free of charge as part of your employment package. There are optional guest area restaurants where you may dine, some of which require a nominal fee.
You cannot smoke in your cabin, and all cabins are fitted with highly sensitive smoke detectors. There are designated smoking areas on board for the crew to use, accessible 24 hours a day. Smoking in nondesignated areas, including guest areas, can and will lead to termination.
Once you arrive on board you will receive safety training, followed by a shipboard orientation training during your first voyage. Periodically throughout your contract you will receive additional trainings as required by maritime law.
Yes, there are many benefits to working for CCL. More details can be found in the Why Carnival? and Life Onboard sections of the website.
Every ship has a Medical Center staffed with doctors and nurses. While onboard, you'll be covered for all necessary medical care except those related to preexisting conditions. You may continue personal insurance while onboard, however it will be at your own expense.
Entertainment staff are allowed to use crew facilities (except those with restricted access) as well as guest facilities such as the gym, dining room, specialty restaurants, and lounges. Guests have priority in all guest areas; restrictions may apply based on location or guest capacity.
Yes, as long as you are not required to work or participate in any required safety drills, trainings, or other duties.
You cannot go home during your contract except in the case of an emergency at home. If you need to leave the ship on an emergency status you will be required to purchase your own travel arrangements to leave and return to the ship without the possibility of reimbursement. If you need to leave the ship for a personal medical emergency then travel and accommodations will be organized by the medical department. In all emergency cases you will be required to remove your belongings from the ship, and you must be cleared to return onboard.
Please refer them to
Life onboard a cruise ship is quite different from that on land. There is an adjustment period that most new team members experience. This adjustment period is different for everyone so do not get discouraged if you feel that it is taking you longer to adapt! Patience is key. If after 6 to 8 weeks you still don't think ship life is right for you, please speak to your department head and HR Director, they will be able to assist you.
Staying in touch with family and friends is very important to your adjustment to ship life. Crew have many different options to purchase WiFi with their personal devices. Plans range from $5 - $40, which include per minute, daily, and simple social media plans. Many ports of call have wifi where crew can check email, call home, text, etc. In case of emergency your manager and/or HR Services will gladly help you contact home.
Mail is received every time the ship is at its homeport. In addition to the address of the ship, it is important that your employee number, name, position and department are clearly written on all incoming mail. It is also possible to send mail using local delivery services from most ports of call. When sending items please remember to check with your Staff Office regarding current customs declarations information before taking any item off of the ship.
Yes, it is acceptable to date other team members; fraternization with guests is strictly prohibited.
You can contact your agent with questions. If they or you are still unsure about anything, please contact CCL directly through your recruitment contact.

You will not change positions during your contract.

Most contracts do not require Team Member to change ships mid-contract. Sometimes things happen, but Carnival prides ourselves on keeping our talent assigned to a specific ship for the duration of a contract.

Sea sickness medication is provided free of charge at the Medical Center. Most people tend to adjust to any seasickness within a cruise or two. Your fellow team members will be happy to help you with tips & tricks.
You may bring your cell phone on board, however please check with your network carrier to avoid unexpected roaming charges for international calls or data. Please note that you may not use your cell phone in guest areas, while working or while participating in any safety training or drills.
After your mid-contract review is completed, you will receive a list of ships available to request for your next contract. New assignments will be based on 1) your mid or final performance evaluation of your current contract, 2) the specialized needs of the company, and 3) seniority.
Elements of your schedule remain consistent but duties and events vary from cruise to cruise depending on itinerary length and guest demographics.

We recommend bringing enough toiletries/personal items (such as shampoo, soap, laundry items, toothpaste) to last at least a month. You can get more at local shops near the ship's homeport and a few items can also be found in the gift shop onboard.

There is a crew laundromat onboard for personal clothes; washers, dryers and irons are free of charge. You can get laundry soap/softener from the main laundry onboard or bring/buy your own. Uniforms will be cleaned as needed by your cabin steward, this service is free of charge as well.