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You will not change positions during your contract.

Most contracts do not require Team Member to change ships mid-contract. Sometimes things happen, but Carnival prides ourselves on keeping our talent assigned to a specific ship for the duration of a contract.

You will report to the Music Manager.

If you are a Music Manager, rockband singer (on select ships), soloist, or piano bar entertainer you will have your own cabin. All other musicians will be accommodated in a double-occupancy cabin which includes bunk beds, closet, desk, TV and bathroom (shower, sink, cabinet, toilet). The cabins also have plugs for charging electronics and reading lights over the beds. The cabin is cleaned once a week by a member of the housekeeping team.

Musicians are required to bring all uniform/performance attire to each contract and/or rehearsal period.

Extra activities aside from your standard role will include Port Manning, Just Ask, Groove for St. Jude, and various safety trainings and drills.

Each week you will receive a designated night off from performing however due to operational considerations or unforeseen itinerary changes (i.e. extra days at sea) a full day off might not always be guaranteed. You will have time off each day however it is not uncommon to have added trainings or drills scheduled during a performance day off. Depending on your schedule there usually is plenty of time to disembark the ship and explore our various ports of call, including your home port.
Yes, you will receive rehearsal pay during your rehearsal time at Carnival Studios.
Housing and travel is fully covered and a food per diem of $25 per day will be added to your paycheck during the rehearsal period. Luggage costs will be reimbursed once onboard your assigned ship.
Typically the band will perform themed sets throughout each voyage including but not limited to: Classic Country, Country, R&B, Classic R&B & Motown, Pop, Rock, 80s, Oldies, Ballroom, etc.
The rockband performs in designated lounge/stage spaces such as Ocean Plaza Stage, Red Frog Pub, Casino Stage, and Atrium Stage.
It is possible. Rockband musicians perform in a variety of events on the ship, depending on our main-stage production shows. You may also perform in holiday celebrations or special events, depending on the time of year and home port. We encourage cross-collaboration within the Entertainment department. Rockband musicians perform in select Playlist productions, and we encourage ALL musicians to watch each others' sets when possible to create a positive atmosphere onboard.
Rockband will use a 4-piece rhythm section plus two vocalists.
Sessions typically are 4 hours long, 45 minutes per set and breaks. Rehearsals will be held at the discretion of the Musical Manager.
Rockband musicians must be able to read music, and sight reading skill are preferred. Sight reading is not required for other positions.
During rehearsals you will need to learn some parts by ear (aural transcription) but the majority of the rehearsals will be done using written music. Rockband musicians will likely learn more music by ear than other positions.
You will need to provide your own device for audio recording playback in order to practice outside of scheduled rehearsals. In addition, all Rockband musicians will need to provide their own iPad, tablet or laptop to store and view PDF sheet music for rehearsals and performances. If using an iPad or a tablet, please also bring your own music stand/microphone stand attachment.
We recommend that you listen to as many popular music styles from the 1960s through today as possible. You will receive a master song list containing 800 – 1000 songs once your ship assignment is confirmed. The Music Manager will contact you about four weeks before the start of rehearsals (or 1-2 weeks before joining the ship if he/she is already on board). Some Music Managers will create an online music library (e.g. through Dropbox) with set lists for the band before rehearsals begin. Set lists are subject to change at any point in the rehearsal period or after joining the ship.
Carnival does not provide a musical instrument insurance package so we recommend that you purchase your own musical instrument insurance plan before you leave home. We recommend you speak to a financial planner for more information.
All instrumentalists are highly encouraged to sing, but it is only required in certain positions. Check the position descriptions for specific details.
CD sales are allowed, but require approval. If you'd like to sell your CD on board, please let us know and we'll provide you with the proper instructions.
It is ok to perform original works however we prefer that they are limited to no more than 20% of your performance material.
For all acts except rockband, we look for a minimum of 200 songs in varying styles. Variety is key since some cruises can be up to 14 days in length.
Only Rockbands, certain String Trios, and certain Latin Quartets come to rehearsals at Carnival Studios.
A high level of musicianship, guest engagement & interaction, and being an energetic performer are equally crucial.
All acts are vetted and reviewed based on the materials you've provided. If we would like to see more of your talent, we will ask for an online video audition.
All acts should be able to 'plug and play' and should bring personal equipment. Depending on the kind of equipment required, we may be able to help supply some items. With the range of musical acts we offer, and limited storage onboard we cannot provide all equipment for all acts. During your audition, plesae ask for details about what might be provided for your position.


This will make things much easier onboard, however it's not required. If your group plays acoustic instruments it will be required to have a professional quality pick-up (not provided).