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A physical examination is required for all team members before they are allowed to commence shipboard duties. Our medical team has approved a number of facilities that are certified to complete a Carnival Medical. You are responsible for scheduling your own medical appointment, along with all costs. The cost of your medical will not be reimbursed.
Once you receive your ship assignment, you can check your itinerary at
In order to work on board you will need a valid passport, this includes United States Citizens. Passports must be valid for a year after your sign on date. Passport costs are not reimbursed.
A C1-D visa is needed for team members who are not from the US/Canada. Additional visas may be required based on nationality, ship homeport, or rehearsal schedule. Visa costs are reimbursed once onboard.
You will receive a copy of your Seafarers Agreement to review prior to boarding the ship. Once onboard you will sign the official contract digitally and will receive an emailed copy for your records.
You will receive travel information approximately 10 days before your flight. Carnival provides all flights and hotel accomodations (if needed) from your home to your starting location.
You will need to pay for these fees inititally, however once onboard Carnival will reimburse you (save your boarding pass and receipts). CCL does not reimburse for overweight baggage; exceptions will be made for team members carrying required tools, instruments, or other approved job related items.
This time period varies for everyone however we try to offer opportunities at least two months before the contract starts in order to allow time for processing preemployment requirements. Often times we have openings that need to be filled quickly and we may reach out in case you are available.
It is very unlikely for anyone to change ships during their contract, but there is always a minimal chance.