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To live and work aboard a Carnival cruise ship is to enter a world of self-discovery, excitement and fun, where every day is a different adventure.


Shipboard Accommodations
Most cabins are double occupancy with bunk beds, however, some management, senior officer and staff positions receive single occupancy cabins. Clean bed linen and towels are provided. The air-conditioned cabins are equipped with TV and DVD player, desk, chairs, electrical sockets, closet space and drawers. Cabins must be kept clean and tidy and it is the occupant’s responsibility for the cleanliness of the cabin. Occupants must report any maintenance defects to shipboard management. As a safety and sanitation concern, food and/or cooking in the cabins are strictly prohibited.

Recreation & Activities
Carnival provides its team members with opportunities for recreation and fun. Our on-board activities include everything from crew parties, movie and dance nights, in-port excursions, crew bingo, and talent shows to sporting events such as table tennis, soccer, volleyball, cricket, golf, darts and tennis. Crew activities encourage social bonding and team spirit as well as an opportunity to relax and unwind with fellow employees. In addition to a variety of organized activities, there are dedicated crew facilities such as a crew-only deck with a pool and whirlpool, crew training centers, crew gym, and more. Carnival Cruise Line believes that happy, healthy, enthusiastic team members contribute greatly to a "Fun Ship" experience that is the hallmark of the line's success.

Crew Gym
Shipboard team member are much like highly trained athletes, and it’s vital that we do all we can to remain fit and healthy so we can fulfill our duties with enthusiasm and energy. Each ship has a 24-hour gym available to all crew members free of charge. Officers and staff may use the guests’ gym facilities. We also have a number of crew wellness programs to promote healthy living and exercise and yoga classes are available for team members. Regular exercise is a terrific way of keeping fit and reducing stress.

Crew Lounge
After the day is done, you can relax, enjoy a beverage and socialize with fellow team members in our very own crew lounge. At the crew lounge, team members may buy soft drinks, snacks, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, all available at discounted prices. The crew lounge is also a popular venue for watching sporting events, playing games such as darts, foosball and table tennis or simply relaxing with fellow team members. The crew lounge is also used as a venue for crew events such as Karaoke and dances. For the safety of our guests and crew, team members must always ensure they adhere to Carnival’s policy regarding responsible alcohol consumption on board.

Crew Dining
Assigned crew dining areas serving an international variety of cuisine are available on each ship. To accommodate our team members’ varied shifts, meal times are scheduled four times on board: breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight buffet. With so many palates to please, the Staff Chef constantly rotates the menus and takes into account the different nationalities on board. Our healthy meal selections include starters, entrées and desserts as well as other fruit, yogurt, dairy products and juices. All meals are provided to shipboard team members free of charge.

Contacting Home
Pre paid phone cards are available on board for crew members to call home from any crew phone. Please note that calling from the ship costs more than a typical phone call from shore so it is advisable to make all telephone calls while in port. It is also possible to call home during port calls from landside telephones by purchasing a phone card onboard or from vendors located within in the various ports. Be sure to ask your fellow countrymen on board about the cheapest way to phone home. Phone cards usually cost $10 to $20 and the length of talking time depends on the country you are calling. You can also receive phone calls on board. However, receiving phone calls on board is expensive for the person calling you. Faxes can be received free of charge but please remember that your name, crew ID number, department and cabin number must be indicated clearly on the fax.

Receiving Mail on Board
Mail is delivered every time a ship is in its port of embarkation. It is important that your employee number, name, position and department is clearly written on all incoming mail. Sending mail home is easy, as well. Most ports have facilities from which you can mail letters and/or parcels. Family members can also contact the Carnival office by phone, fax or e-mail and information will be delivered to you immediately.

Crew Internet
Another way to stay in touch with family and friends back home is via the internet. Every Carnival ship has a designated crew internet café where team members can access the internet 24 hours a day at discounted rates. Wireless internet service is also available on all vessels so those who have their own laptop can access the internet from almost anywhere on board, including your cabin, on crew deck or in the crew lounge. Crew internet cards which allow a certain amount of access time online are available on board.

Laundry Facilities on Board
All ships have laundry facilities available for washing, drying and ironing clothes. Crew laundry machines are free of charge. Uniforms are laundered for free if they are sent to the laundry in bulk through your department. For safety reasons, ironing is prohibited in crew cabins. Personal items and uniforms can be sent to the ship's laundry for a fee.

Money Matters
Team members are paid every two weeks and Carnival has a variety of options for team members to receive their salaries. Team members can opt to be paid in cash via the Paymaster’s office or have their money deposited directly into a bank account. Team members also have the option to receive payroll and certain other compensations, such as gratuities, sales commissions, bonuses, etc. through the Crew Payroll Card or Crew Card in lieu of cash. The Crew Payroll Card or Crew Card offers crew members an alternative to storing/saving money until it is needed, even when crew are in between contracts. Crew members can then access their money onboard free of charge through the onboard ATM anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can also access cash from any of 200 Bank Atlantic ATMs at any time at no charge. Crew cards can be used at more than 600,000 Cirrus and Maestro ATMs in more than 100 countries and also at merchant locations wherever a PIN-based transaction is accepted.

Sending Money Home
Setting up a second account through the Access Card allows crew members to send money home almost instantaneously by transferring funds from the Crew Card to the Access Card online. Crew members or family members can access cash around the world at preferred currency exchange rates. Crew members can also keep track of their money by checking their balance online or through a variety of ATMs around the world. All payments accessed through foreign ATMs will be converted from U.S. dollars to your foreign currency with the exception of certain countries that also offer US Dollars withdrawals. Carnival Cruise Line also has an onboard money wire service which provides team members with the convenience of transferring money from the ship to your preferred foreign bank account. Safety deposit boxes are available on board for team members to store cash and other valuables safely.

For Smokers
Although smoking on board is discouraged it is permitted fleetwide but only in special designated areas. All crew cabins onboard are non-smoking. You are required to always use ashtrays to extinguish your cigarettes.



The Retirement Plan
To acknowledge and reward Team Carnival’s significant contributions to The Company's success, and to help team members plan and save for retirement, Carnival has developed 'The Fun Ship Retirement Plan.'
This plan provides a lump-sum benefit upon team members’ retirement from Carnival, provided they have at least 10 years of continuous service.
A prorated lump-sum benefit will be paid based on the individual's position within the company. The amount of the lump sum payment will be based on the last position held for the previous five years prior to the retirement date.
The longer a team member is employed beyond the initial 10-year period, the faster the benefits increase. Simply put, the longer you stay with Carnival, the larger your benefit payment will be upon your retirement.

Service Award Program
Many team members who join Carnival make a life-long career commitment with us. We acknowledge the loyalty of our team members through our Service Award program, highlighted by a ceremony during which our senior officers present service pins to team members who have been with the company for five years or more.

Medical and Dental Care
All medical care and basic dental care is provided free of charge to all shipboard team members. Every Carnival ship has a medical center staffed with a doctor and nurses, with daily scheduled hours for crew.

Professional and Personal Development
Each ship has a crew training center on board which provide team members the opportunity to learn different languages, upgrade their typing or computer skills and more. The centers provide a variety of personal and professional development resources free of charge.

Employee Stock Purchase Program
Carnival offers eligible team members the opportunity to share in the future growth and profitability of the company. Through the employee stock purchase plan employees can purchase Carnival stock at an approximate 15% discount off the fair market value. Team members can purchase stock twice each year, near the end of June and again at the end of December.

Carnival Cruise Benefits
Team members enjoy cruise benefits, which are available for family members at a special "family cruise rate." The specific amount of the benefit is dependent on the team members’ position within the company.

Interline Benefits
Carnival has established reciprocal agreements with other cruise lines which allows team members to enjoy significant cruise discounts should they wish to vacation on vessels of other cruise operators.

Essentials at Sea

As part of "The Most Popular Cruise Line in the World," there are certain responsibilities that must be upheld. The following will help you identify and understand some important policies and procedures that allow our team members to live and work in a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment.

Maintaining a safe environment shipboard is every team member's number one responsibility.

This requires a complete understanding of all safety requirements, rules and regulations. Team members must also have a certain proficiency in English and be able to communicate in a clear and effective manner. As part of our safety training, all shipboard personnel are required to participate in various safety drills which are held in compliance with international laws and regulations and keep Team Carnival space prepared for any type of emergency. The ability to consistently fulfill each of these requirements is the key to keeping our ships a safe place to live and work.

Code of Conduct
Since Carnival believes in working hard and having fun, we have kept our rules to a minimum. Please remember that the rules we do have exist for the benefit and safety of our team members. Carnival's objective is to work with team members to resolve problems. However, any conduct which interferes with or adversely affects Carnival is grounds for discipline, ranging from counseling to dismissal.

Personal Responsibility
Each Team Carnival member must take personal responsibility to live by the highest of personal standards of courtesy and self-discipline while maintaining a strong work ethic. We do this by respecting one another's beliefs, cultures and values, while continuing to learn, grow and help Carnival maintain its leadership position in the industry. Team members must exhibit the highest standards with regards to safety duties, job knowledge and performance, courtesy to both guests and fellow team members, communication skills, grooming and punctuality. Attitude, commitment and utmost concern for the efficient and safe operation of the ship, as well as the comfort and convenience of our guests and fellow team members, are also vital.

Carnivals core values include preserving the marine environment and in particular the pristine condition of the waters upon which our vessels sail. Our team members all play a huge part in us achieving our goals. Carnival received ISO 14001 Certification for the fleet in 2006. Each Carnival ship is equipped with various systems designed to process the waste streams that are generated on board. We separate all garbage at the source and process and dispose of waste according to our strict procedures, using a wide variety of equipment including, pulpers, glass crushers and compactors. Solid waste is processed and incinerated on board or sent to an approved shore side facility for further treatment, recycling or disposal. We are committed to pollution prevention, continual improvement of our environmental management and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to be the industry leader for environmental excellence and we will achieve this goal by continuously improving our processes to minimize environmental impact and waste.

The ‘Carnival Look’ Carnival maintains the highest standards in personal and professional appearance and all members of Team Carnival are responsible for conveying a professional image at all times. We refer to this as the ‘Carnival Look.’ Uniforms are an ideal place to start when striving to make a good first impression and convey professionalism to our guests. All members of Team Carnival must wear uniform according to specifications of each position when in guest areas. Exceptions are made for crew functions that occur in guest venues, in which case personal attire can be worn with the required crew ID and lanyard. Uniforms must be in good, presentable condition and of the correct size at all times.

Crew ID System
Every team member is issued a photo-identification card when they arrive on board. Team members must have the ID card readily available while going ashore for security clearance at the crew gangway, and when returning to the vessel. The ID card is also required when collecting pay or visiting the medical center.

Regardless of whether the ship is docked or tendering, guests always have priority embarking or disembarking the vessel, especially during those cases where there is only one gangway available. All team members are required to wait to disembark the vessel until the gangway is clear of guests and the security guard notifies crew that they may disembark. In some cases a separate gangway is used for crew. All team members must follow the directions of the security guard on duty at the gangway.

Gangway Security
Every vessel has a team of security personnel who are responsible for the safety and security of all guests and crew members on board. Any item brought on board is subject to examination by X-ray screening and/or hand search. Embarking team members’ baggage will be screened by X-ray and/or hand screened at all ports.

Guest Areas
Those team members with guest area privileges must provide priority to guests at all times. For example, if a buffet line is too long the team member is expected to leave the line and return at a less busy time. The same applies to the gym, deck and all other guest areas. Conservative conduct is to be maintained by all officers and staff when socializing in guest areas.

English Only Zones
English is the common language on board. Team members are required to speak English only at all times when in guest areas.

Noise Level in Crew Areas
In crew areas, quiet times are observed from 10pm to 7am. Of course night shift workers will be sleeping during the day so consideration for team members resting is everyone’s responsibility. Please remember to keep the music and noise at low levels in all crew areas. Be aware that even a gathering of a few people in a cabin can be enough to disturb others.

Using electrical power on board
There is usually one 110 volt and one 220 volt outlet in each cabin; however, these outlets accept flat U.S. pin plugs only.

For the safety of all, Team Carnival members who smoke are required to carefully abide by the following rules regarding smoking.
Smoking is permitted only in designated areas where ashtrays are provided.
Smoking is never permitted in lockers or areas where flammable materials are present.
Cigarette butts shall never be thrown overboard and shall be disposed of properly.
Smoking rules on board must be strictly followed.
Use caution when smoking and extinguishing cigarettes. Lit cigarettes and hot ashes should not be disposed in a waste receptacle. Please ensure that cigarettes are extinguished completely in the ash trays provided.

Keeping yourself informed
Whether team members work directly with guests or with fellow employees, it is important they stay informed about shipboard events via current "Fun Times," a daily newsletter which lists all shipboard guest activities. Copies of the “Fun Times” are readily available for team members and are posted in the crew areas.

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