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You will report to the Playlist Cast Manager.

If you are a manager or a singer, yes, you will have your own cabin. If you are a dancer, you will be accommodated in a double-occupancy cabin which includes bunk beds, closet, desk, TV and bathroom (shower, sink, cabinet, toilet). The cabins also have plugs for charging electronics and reading lights over the beds. The cabin is cleaned once a week by a member of the housekeeping team.

Your uniform will be provided to you onboard. It is your responsibility to keep it in presentable condition and to take it with you for future contracts. You must provide your own red sneakers. For production shows, your costumes are fitted and provided, however you will need to bring necessary undergarments.

Carnival prides itself on guest interaction and requires additional activites to be able to deliver this on each ship. Performers will be required to participate in some show and non-show related activities. All activities and additional entertainment are subject to to the ship itinerary and Entertainment Director's discretion. Performers also participate in safety briefings, drills, and embarkation day events.

Yes, you will receive a designated day off each week as per your contract agreement, however attendance at safety trainings or drills is still required if scheduled on this day.
Our Playlist Productions casts consist of 4 dancers who can sing (2 male & 2 female) and 4 singers who can dance (2 male & 2 female). The roles of Cast Manager, Vocal/Dance Captain, and seamstress will be assigned within your cast. Some ships will have 4 additional dancers.
Yes, you will receive rehearsal pay during your rehearsal time at Carnival Studios.
Housing and travel is fully covered and a food per diem of $25 per day will be added to your paycheck during the rehearsal period. Luggage costs will be reimbursed once onboard your assigned ship.

Rehearsal periods at Carnival Studios vary from ship to ship. Ships with only 2 production shows can expect to rehearse for 3-4 weeks whereas ships with 4 production shows can expect a rehearsal period of 6-9 weeks.

Three pairs of tights will be provided in your appropriate skin tone to females for the entirety of the contract. Shoes will be fitted and handed out to each TM for show specific needs. General show makeup will not be provided by CCL, however show specific costume makeup will be provided if required.