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The Entertainment Director will serve as the department head for the entertainment department. While embracing the Carnival Service Values, the CCL commitment to Safety and abiding by all rules and regulations set by the Team Carnival Shipboard Handbook, the Ent Dir will be responsible for the overall operational efficiency of the department. He/She will focus on quality control of personnel, technical issues and the guest experience through tracking and reporting. The Ent Dir will be responsible (with shore side direction) for entertainment scheduling onboard. The Ent Dir will also use strategic scheduling for generating revenue. He/She will also have significant responsibility for ensuring the department is abiding by all safety regulations and prepared for both internal and external audits. Lastly, the Ent Dir will be responsible for many of the media elements onboard for entertainment such as FunTimes, FunHub and digital signage.

Skills & Responsibilities:

Quality Control
  • Coaching/Discipline – The Ent Dir is responsible for coaching and guiding the department with periodic evaluations and appraisals as well as both Positive and Corrective Performance Records when disciplinary action is necessary.

  • Monitoring– The Ent Dir will continually monitor activities, events, musical sets, etc involving members of the team and offer guidance and training where necessary.
     Traffic Flow
     Event Driven Entertainment

  • Entertainment Operations Meeting - The Ent Dir will serve as head of the Entertainment Operations Meeting; ensuring a positive and effective environment to discuss issues related to the production of shows, IssueTrak & maintenance, safety, entertainment scheduling, TGEM tracking, revenue and groups requirements. These meetings will occur weekly and include the Cruise Director, Entertainment Technical Manager, Dance Captain, Musical Director and Media Manager.

  • Shore side Communication – The Ent Dir is responsible for creating voyage reports to communicate subjective and objective data to shore side management. This includes, but is not limited to, TGEM ratings & responses, iCare, attendance and performance feedback.
  • Entertainment Schedule –The Ent Dir is responsible for creating, monitoring & modifying the ship’s entertainment schedule to include activities, music, shows, etc. Significant front-of-house time is expected to monitor guest traffic, habits & patterns in order to continually maximize revenue & guest experience through entertainment scheduling.

  • Scheduling/Meeting –The Ent Dir is responsible for creating schedules for the department that comply with MLC 2006 requirements. The Ent Dir will conduct full Department meetings and Daily Compass meetings with members of the team that also cover scheduling information.

  • Entertainment Programming –The Ent Dir has a responsibility to both entertainment and overall ship revenue and will thus tailor the Entertainment Program with a focus on guest flow into revenue areas during appropriate times.

  • Business Partners –The Ent Dir will liaise with shipboard management and business partners to develop strategies targeted at increasing ship revenue performance.
  • Fun Time – The Ent Dir is directly responsible for ensuring the compliance of CCL Fun Time Procedures and necessary Fun Time edits of the Entertainment Department.

  • Port Manning – The Ent Dir is responsible for the creating and updating of an Entertainment Port Manning Schedule. He/She will ensure full compliance to SMS/COMM/PO14 with ID cards in place as necessary and correct information posted to the Y Drive at all times.

  • SMS Responsibilities - The Ent Dir will implement and comply with all appropriate safety responsibilities as set out by the CCL SMS procedures. These will include, but not be limited to the following: Storage Requirements, Exemptions from Training Exercises and Drills, Port Safety Manning, Crew Training On The Job, Use of Pyrotechnics & Ground Fog Systems for Entertainment purposes, Handover Reports, Fire Risk Assessment, Safety Training within Departments, Securing of Heavy Objects and the Ship’s Security Plan
  • 5+ years in the hospitality industry (entertainment experience preferred)
  • 3+ years with personnel management experience
  • Bachelors Degree or higher preferred
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