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The Backstage Technician manages the stage area during all shows and activities (including full-cast production shows, magic shows, variety shows, Welcome Aboard Show, Carnival Legends Show, Game Shows, lounge talks & presentations and more) overseeing the safe entrance/exits of all cast members, performers and running crew, as well as scenery movement and automated backdrops operated by the Automation Technician. You are the “eyes & ears” of the Automation and lighting technicians on the floor area, giving them clearance for any automation and pyrotechnics cues. The Backstage Technician also coordinates all six stage hands and the assigned fire patrol while running their show tracks, ensuring all shows run safely and effectively on stage. The Backstage Technician is also responsible for the cleaning & maintenance of all scenery and props, the safety and upkeep of all backstage areas, including but not limited to storage areas, lockers, etc.

  • Basic carpentry, painting, sewing and electrical skills.
  • Theater background and experience, familiar with industry terms, standards, rules, regulations and common practices.
  • Comfortable working at heights, able to safely climb to operate electric hoists for various scenery pieces hanging at heights up to 35ft (10.5m).
  • Good overall health and physical condition (to be determined by physician).
  • Ability to lift/move up to 50 pounds.
  • Must be able to safely climb an A‐frame ladder and properly operate a Genie lift.
  • Required to work up to 10hrs per 24hr period, 7 days a week.
  • Perform show load‐ins and load‐outs (together with the Automation, Audio & Lighting Technicians) for each show.
  • Manage the backstage and performance areas prior, during, and after each show, ensuring a safe and effective operation for cast, running crew, guest and the ship.
  • Train and coordinate the six stage hands on their duties for each show. Manage them and oversee their performance. Assist them with scenery/set piece movement whenever needed either prior, during or after the shows.
  • Fill out the Technical Reports detailing any new or outstanding problem pertaining to the scenery, set pieces, props, stage floor, etc. and submit them to the Shipboard and Shoreside Supervisors weekly, copying the Entertainment Technical Manager.
  • Ensure that all scenery pieces and automated equipment are being brought in/out of the stage in a safe manner during all shows by giving the necessary clearance to the running crew and Automation Technician over communication headsets.
  • Assist with some quick costume changes during some of the shows.
  • Ensures that the track sheets for all on‐stage performers, running crew and fire patrol as well as the storage location of all flying units/sets are always being followed as per the Show Manual and that they are never altered or modified without Shoreside approval.
  • Responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and repairs of all scenery, set pieces, props and soft goods.
  • Responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the backstage area including wing storage areas and lockers, ensuring all rolling pieces are stored correctly and pinned & strapped properly.
  • Perform spot repairs of the vinyl stage flooring.
  • Occasionally assist the Light Tech with loading pyro before shows (after proper training and certification being provided on board).
  • Assist with additional multiple show setups, rehearsals and tech runs during cast change (typically happening every six months for about 4‐5 weeks).
  • Perform cast‐shoes sole repairs
  • Attend the weekly Production Meeting along with the rest of the technical team.
  • Familiarize with basic audio/video/lighting equipment setup and operation, to be able to take on the “Tech On Duty” responsibility no later than four weeks after first joining a ship.
  • Be part of the “Tech On Duty (TOD)” rotation (one week/cruise every four weeks/cruises), providing both guests and crew with entertainment technology related assistance.
  • Attend any safety, hospitality or job‐related training as required and scheduled by the ship’s command or immediate supervisors, including port‐manning rotation.
  • Ensure proper and thorough training on all job‐related aspects to the incoming replacement technician during the handover period.
  • Resume outlining previous employment, education or related experience in Word or PDF format
  • Proof of Certifications/ Degrees (if any)
  • Reference Letters (contact information)
  • Photo


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